Whats Up

- New Samoa Super $aver Launched

nbs now Xero Capable

- Asian Development Bank signs nbs

What's Up

New 'Samoa Super $aving' launched

Rewarding loyal savers

nbs now Xero Software capable

Quicker access to bank statements and reconciliations

Asian Development  Bank signs nbs

nbs now a Trade Finance Partner


nbs provides a wide range of products to meet your banking needs

Savings Accounts

nbs offers a range of Savings accounts catering for different Customer needs.

Cheque Accounts

nbs can provide Cheque accounts for both Personal and Business Customers.


nbs' Term Deposits are ideal way to gain gain a better rate of return on your money.


nbs offers five types of loan products. From Small Loans to First Home Loans


nbs can provide both Personal and Business overdraft facilities.


nbs is here to help you with all your International banking needs.

Interest Rates

nbs provides competitive rates on deposits and lending products.

Xero Capability

Xero is the latest cloud based accounting software.

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